Clinical Studies

Trial at a glance

Male & Female trial

Subjects used in the trial

Male trial


Female trial


The results

Cleared airways

In all subjects that took shea butter airways cleared in 30 to 90 seconds

Clear airways for up to 8.5 hours

Breathing became easy and normal for 5 to 8.5 hours

Congestion down for up to 24 hours

Congestion didn’t recur after 12 to 24 hours with 2 to 4 applications of Shea butter

Key benefits

Fast acting

Quick results

Long lasting

Long lasting results

Free from undesirable side effects

Free from undesirable side-effects associated with conventional nasal drops

British Pharmacological Society: Preliminary studies on nasal decongestant activity from the seed of the shea butter tree, Butyrospermum parkii.