How to clear a baby’s blocked nose

Have you ever needed to clear your baby’s blocked nose? Parents will do just about anything they can to protect their baby, but sadly there is nothing you can do to stop them catching a cold. In fact, according to the NHS, you can expect your children to have at least eight colds a year until they build their immune systems up!

It is awful to see your baby snuffling away with a blocked nose, and watching them struggle to eat or sleep due to their congestion.

How to help a baby with a blocked or stuffy nose is a popular question on parenting forums, where the effectiveness of the answers are hotly debated. Here we’ve rounded up the options for you, to help you safely relieve your baby’s blocked nose.


The term decongestant is used to cover a range of medicines and remedies that can be taken orally or used externally to aid a blocked nose. Before the launch of Kotubaym, there weren’t any over the counter options out there for babies younger than three months and only a limited selection available for those older.

Thankfully, the 100% organic, natural ingredients in Kotubaym natural decongestant mean that it can be safely used from birth, enabling you to ease your whole family’s congestion.


Designed to suck mucus out of your baby’s nose, aspirators are mainly either operated by squeezing a pump to provide hand-powered suction or using your mouth to suck through a special tube. The general consensus seems to be that they are only effective when you can see the gunk you’re trying to remove though.

Saline drops/gel

Putting saline drops or gels into your baby’s nose can help to thin the mucus and wash it out. Babies tend not to be too happy about it being done, especially the sprays, though some mums do say their child gets used to it after a while. You can use them in conjunction with an aspirator or simply by wiping away whatever comes out with a tissue.


Keeping the air in the room moist with a cold mist humidifier acts in a similar way to using saline solutions and can help to ease your baby’s blocked nose. If you don’t have a humidifier, 15 minutes in a steamy bathroom can work just as well – just make sure your baby doesn’t come into contact with any of the hot water.

Keep baby upright

You may notice that your baby suffers from their blocked nose more when they are laid down. This is because the mucus slides backwards towards the little ones’ throat. Let gravity help you here, by trying to keep them upright as much as possible.

A sling or wrap can be really useful and they’ll appreciate the extra cuddles if they aren’t feeling themselves. You could also raise the head of their bed for night and nap times. Whichever method you use make sure they are safe by following the safe sleeping guidelines and the T.I.C.K.S rules for safe babywearing.

How to clear your baby’s blocked nose

Watching your baby suffering with a cold is awful. Hopefully you’ll be able to ease your baby’s blocked nose with these tips and ensure you all get a better night’s sleep. Kotubaym natural decongestant is one way to help your child breathe more easily.

This article is not intended as medical advice and should not be used as such. Please seek advice from your GP, or other health professional, if you or your child is ill.