Are your products really safer than mainstream decongestants?

We believe so, and have painstakingly concentrated on ensuring our remedies are completely safe.

Our Natural Decongestant has been categorised as a safe product, according to the General Products Safety Regulations 2005

This means that it is “a product which, under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use including duration and, where applicable, putting into service, installation and maintenance requirements, does not present any bad risk”.

Why do we need natural decongestants?

According to our research (both in-depth and field market research) people want safer, effective and naturally made remedies for cold and hay fever symptoms.

According to the NHS, nasal decongestants in the current market contain xylometazoline, which has number of side effects, including feeling sick, headaches, drowsiness and dry mouth. They are also not suitable for children under 12 years old, pregnant and breast-feeding women and people with certain illnesses, such as high blood pressure.

Our non-chemical, natural and effective products offer you a kinder solution to treat the symptoms of congestion and are safe for everyone.

Do your remedies have any side effects?

No, there are no side effects associated with using our organically made remedies.

How often do I have to apply the remedy, and where do I apply it?

We recommend applying our remedy 2-4 times a day, but it is totally up to you. Our naturally sourced ingredients have no side effects, so you can apply the salve as often as you need.

30ml of our Natural Decongestant can last you up to six months, as you only need a tiny amount to massage around congested area(s). We recommend you administer it inside or at the tip of your nose and massage gently. You can also apply it to your chest and temples. One customer successfully applied it around her congested ear!

Are your products suitable for babies and children?

Yes, our products are suitable for babies and children. We have a number of health specialists and paediatricians already using our remedy.

Do you adhere to any official rules and regulations?

Yes, we have researched and liaised with a number of regulatory institutions such as trading standards and other governmental institutions to ensure we are adhering to all the relevant rules and regulations. These are:

  • General Products Safety Regulations 2005
  • Packaged Goods: Weights and Measures Regulations
  • Classification and Packaging and Labelling (CLP) Regulations

How do I know your products are effective and fit for purpose?

Our Natural Decongestant has been used for centuries by our ancestors, and passed down through generations of our family. We use it as a prevention remedy when we first feel cold or hay fever symptoms coming.

Shea butter has also been stringently and found to be more effective as a treatment for nasal congestion than conventional nasal drops. You can read the results of the research here.

Do you support any charities?

Yes, 10% of every purchase goes towards Addie’s 2022 Vision to drastically alleviate children suffering from poverty.

How secure is your payment gateway facility?

We have rigorously investigated various payment gateways to assess the services and security of their facilities. We use PayPal Pro which allows you to pay by PayPal, Visa Credit and MasterCard etc.

What will happen to my data and where will it be stored?

The privacy of your personal information is of paramount importance to us. We take great responsibility in ensuring your sensitive details are not accessible by any third parties, or anyone outside of KOTU baym Naturals.

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